Keep Your Eyes Open on a Treadmill…

I was at the gym last night … yes, you read that correctly, we joined a gym.

I like to start and end my workout with a walk on the treadmill. My cool down walk is usually a time where I listen to a podcast or book on tape … helps my mind wind down too.

Well, last night, I am on the treadmill and I keep getting distracted by other people and I am losing track of my place in the book. So, while I am walking I decide to close my eyes. While my eyes are closed … nothing feels different while walking on the treadmill, and suddenly I get the feeling like I am on one of those moving ramps at the airport. When I open my eyes … I have somehow ended up on the very back of the treadmill, and I end up doing something out of an America’s Funniest Home videos, where I am trying to catch my footing and then start to fall forward and BAM! I flew off the back of the treadmill … at the YMCA … and have a 100 people’s eyes on me when I do it.

It. Was. Mortifying. Lesson learned … keep your eyes open on the treadmill. Hopefully, my blunder can be a learning experience for you!

I am needing some new gym inspiration as well … my current clothes totally work for what I am doing, but all the fitness gurus say to have cute gym clothes to encourage you to go to the gym. As a way to entice myself to workout, I have said that for every month I meet my fitness goals (working out 5 days a week), I’ll allow myself to purchase one of the following items (Abs willing .. after two babies, I’m not sure my naval will ever see daylight again).

What are your fitness goals? Any recommendations for amazing gym clothes I must have?

This Crop Top will be the last item I purchase … because it will take years to get abs like this … but it is a goal I have!
LOVE this oversized sweatshirt!! So retro but chic!
Adidas nailed it with these leggings! Can also be used for Cougar Football season as well!! (because I have no shame and will totally wear leggings in public)
These peek-a-boo leggings may be a pipe dream, but I would love to rock these and look good doing it!
LOVE this ballet pink sports bra, and after two babies … these ladies need some SUPPORT!
This Nike Sports Bra is on sale … so I am hoping the sale price sticks and it will be my first TREAT TO ME purchase!
Zella Leggings are my favorite … squats, bend and snaps … they can handle it all!


I started Invisalign today. I am currently 5 hours into my two year relationship. So far, it is not terrible. HOWEVER, there are a few things I wish I had known before I started this journey. Would knowing these things have changed my mind? Probably not, however, I would have been MUCH more mentally prepared for what was to come.

Here you go, my knowledge of the Invisalign experience … 5 hours into it.

You can eat whatever you want … but have to brush and floss after each time. I feel like the word ‘eat’ is used loosely. What it really means is, anything you put into your mouth, besides water, requires brushing and flossing. While I knew I had to take them off to eat, I had NO CLUE they needed to be removed to drink coffee … chew gum … eat a few pieces of candy, THEN a full round of teeth brushing after EVERY TIME. Seems small, but it all adds up quickly. I am already thinking about how this will affect my night time wine ritual.

They put little nubs on your teeth to hold the retainers in place. Sounds small potatoes … but my GOODNESS are they annoying from the start. They way they rub, catch food, and just in general feel in your mouth. I know, this is NOTHING compared to braces, but my goodness – they are ANNOYING!! I had NO IDEA!

You are not able to close your mouth all the way. This may be just my set, but there is this shelf behind my front teeth, preventing my bottom teeth from closing all the way. IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! Like I have a bite blocker permanently in my mouth.

The lisp. I knew I would have a slight speech impediment. I was warned … but I had NO IDEA I would sound like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Sylvester the Cat.

Image result for elmer fudd

My friend Hallie ‘Bria’ Blakey, is the one who pushed me into getting Invisalign. I 100% know she is totally unaware of this. On social media one day, she posted a picture of herself, recently sans-braces and said, “Invest in yourself” and that stuck with me. I have hated my teeth and smile for my entire life. It was time I invested in myself, which will help me to encourage my children to do the same. I needed to be an example of a woman I wanted them to become. I needed to invest in myself, and my husband supported it.

So here I am, week one (day one) into my 110 week journey. Any of your have some advice??? I would love any, and all, of your Invisalign tips and tricks!




Easter Ready …

I love Easter. It is, hands down, my favorite holiday. I love getting super dressed up for church … I love the family photos … I love the food … I LOVE the candy!!! It is all around a holiday I look forward to every year. The hardest part for me, is finding affordable dresses. What is it about Easter that makes me was something BRAND SPANKING NEW??

Sad day happened … my Anthropologie dress was cancelled … womp, womp. I have ZERO time to find something online and have it shipped – then HOPE it will work. Instead, I am heading to trusty Target (pronounced: tar-shey) to help me find something.

If you are like me and don’t want to travel to your store to see if they have these in stock, use the online store and select “Pick-Up in Store” as your delivery option. That way, you can pick it up in-store, go and try it on, then return it if it doesn’t work out. Easy – Peasy! Here are a few I am trying on at my local Target!! I am trying something new, click on the picture to travel to the link! Hoping to make it a little easier for you!

If you end up picking up one of these dresses and wearing it, be sure to post a picture to Instagram, and tag us! (@tshirtsandtantrums)



These are my confessions …


Another Friday … another round of Confessions … (just when I thought I said all I can say …)

Usher Gif

I love using this GIF for these Friday confessions … like … I am so bummed I used this idea so early … such a waste … FYI – it will be making periodic comebacks!

On to this weeks confessions:

  • I need to join a gym. It is that simple. This summer body jiggles when I walk … and I am PRETTY sure I have cellulite from my hips to my ankles … not a good look. HOWEVER, I just cannot seem to get myself to join the Y (it is the only local gym with childcare for the younger age kiddos in my area). I thought of buying some cute workout gear to get excited to wear to the gym!! Anyone have recommendations for great workout gear that is NOT Lululemon? I want cute stuff … but I also want money in the bank, and with Lululemon, that will not happen.
  • I haven’t made a real meal for my family in over a week. Seriously. My kids have been eating peanut butter and jelly, or frozen chicken nuggets, EVERY – NIGHT – THIS – WEEK, and my husband has been having to resort to eating random odds and ends of meals … bbq pork with cheese slices, ham sandwich with sundried tomatoes … and the worst one … leftover enchiladas and macaroni salad. Part of me is a little embarrassed and part of me is thinking, “I wonder how much longer I can go without actually cooking something …”
  • I told my husband we need to “Clean out the pantry…” which implies I want to try to eat as many things in our pantry and freezer, so they do not go bad. What it really means is, “I am f*&$%g lazy and I don’t to go to the store and cook. Instead, I want to pull random odds and ends out all week, and do as little prepping and preparing as possible.”
  • I have been letting my hair air-dry lately, which is not the best look for me. Some people get those tousled beachy waves when they dry. My hair does a weird corkscrew wave underneath, and dries straight as a board on the top layer. It looks odd, and not at all flattering. I tell my husband and co-workers its because I want to save my hair from heat styling, and give it some time to repair. What it really means is again, I am F*&#&%g lazy and I don’t want to blow dry or straighten my hair.
  • My 3 year old has watched MOANA so many dadgum times, the songs are stuck in my head for days on end. “I’m shiny …. “, or “What can I say except, you’re welcome …” GAH!!! Make it stop!!!! Moana ‘broke’ this weekend … so I am not sure what I am going to do to entertain my 3 year old (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and The Incredibles have all ‘broke’ as well …). The moment she discovers they are not broken, will work on our tablets and TV apps … and the dvd’s and blurays are all in working order … will be the day my sanity dies.

SO glad it is Friday!! It means there is a green glass bottle at home, with a cork in it … just WAITING to be opened, and consumed!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!



Currently Carting …

I live in Washington … which means it rains … A LOT!! I am dreaming of SPRING and SUMMER and my shopping carts are showing that!!

Here are a few things I have in my cart … my finger is hovering over the ‘purchase’ button!

Untitled design

Blue Maxi Dress / Striped Bell Sleeve Top / Stiped Coverup Dress / Floral Romper / Cat Eye Sunnies (Grey) / Black Embroidered Shirt / Blue Floral Maxi / White Embroidered Shirt / Pink Bell Sleeve Top / Black Embroidered Tank / White Off-the-Shoulder Top / Black Bell Sleeve Dress / Cat Eye Sunnies (Brown)

What are you currently thinking about buying??? I would love to expand my horizons … though I know my husband thinks I own too much as it is!!

Tune in tomorrow for our GIVEAWAY winner announcement!!!

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Friday Confessions – Giveaway!


Another Friday … another round of weekly confessions … and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Stay tuned to the end of this post for more details!!!

Lets get to it why don’t we?!?!

  • I am exhausted. ALL … THE … TIME. At any point of time in the day, I can take a nap. When I wake up in the morning, no matter what time I go to bed, I feel like I could go back to sleep for another hour … the thought of going to bed late, makes me want to cry. My 21 year old self is mortified in my behavior, and embarrassed I don’t suck it up, because as I once said, “You can sleep when you are dead … ” Well 21 year old self, I am dying slowly every day from lack of sleep .. touche!
  • Every Sunday, I make a deal with myself. I will shower EVERY day … I will style my hair everyday … I will wash my face twice a day (morning and night) … and I will maintain pretty painted nails all week. By Tuesday, I have already missed one shower … by Wednesday I decide washing my face twice dries it out and is stupid … and on Friday I look at my nails and wish I had painted them at least once … NOT ONE GOAL ACCOMPLISHED and they are standard self-care goals!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???
  • When I am making dinner, my kids are always restless and constantly telling me they are hungry. It takes every ounce of self-control I have, to not throw a handful of Cheerio’s on the floor and tell them to, “go at it”! When I say every ounce, I mean I have grabbed the box of cereal, and then the thought of my husband walking in and seeing what I am about to do, stops me. Not the fact the kids are eating food off of the floor … the judgement from my husband … what kind of mother am I?
  •  It is my daughters 3rd birthday on Saturday. We are having a party with 45 people … at the zoo … who does not allow alcohol. It is my opinion that any location who offers space for a children’s birthday, should have a steady stream of wine and/or liquor at their locations. It is cruel not to.

I am so excited to announce my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! The response to this blog has been incredible, and I want to thank my readers with something really special!

Up for grabs is the SOLD OUT ANASTASIA OF BEVERLY HILLS -NICOLE GUERRIERO GLOW KIT! Have you heard of this palette? I have been DYING to try it after all of reviews I have read, and seeing it is ALWAYS sold out means so many others are as excited as I am!! 

Follow the link below to enter!!! Winner will be announced in next Friday’s Confessions!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


These are my confessions …

Did you read the blog title? Did you sing it to the tune of Ushers, “… these are my confessions. Just when I thought all I could say, all I can say …”  I’ll leave you to finish the song.

In an effort to ensure consistent content, I wanted to start a Friday feature … Friday Confessions.

Let’s get to it… Fridays Confessions. Since you may not know me well yet, I thought I would give you a little insight into just who I am today!

  1. When I vacuum my girls’ room, I don’t pick up all the toys before I do it. Instead, I run the vacuum and move the toys like a bulldozer. Slowly moving them into one pile. DONE – two birds, one stone!
  2. My life is currently held together by dry shampoo and wine. Without either one of those items, I am sure everything will crumble immediately.
  3. I am constantly feeding my toddler some form of chicken nugget: Monday Night: Chicken nugget; Tuesday Night: chicken strips; Wednesday Night: Chicken Sausage in a Bun; Thursday Night: Chicken Nuggets … and repeat.
  4. My husband and I have turned Friday nights into DATE NIGHT. I know what you may be thinking, “oohhh, date night!!!” … no, we take the kids to Costco and do all of our shopping on Friday nights. Costco is empty, the girls are either sleeping or watching a show on our phones, and we are able to have, what seems to be, the longest conversations with rapt attention spans, we have been able to have all week long.
  5. I am always on the hunt for great dry shampoo, that is INCREDIBLY cheap. I have recently been using Suave, and it has been great. But, switched to a combo of Batiste for Blondes and Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo. The Not Your Mothers is STUPID cheap … like … maybe $2 … and the Batiste is a little more than I prefer to spend ($6 …but I will spend more than that at Starbucks sometimes … shows how well I balance my life). I feel the combo of the two bring out the longevity of the Batiste, so I justify it.

I’ll keep today’s post short … I think my long ones force people to lose interest … and that is EXACTLY what I don’t want to lose!! Will you be back to read what I have to say next week? I hope so!!



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