What Worked … What didn’t

I have posted recently about ALL of these things which have been arriving in the mail … but I have failed to talk about how they turned out!! I figured I would give you all a run down, of what has been working lately, and what has flopped!


This eyeliner is INCREDIBLE!! I am ALWAYS struggling with eyeliners. I love the look of a gel, with the staying power of a liquid and the ease of a pencil. This eyeliner gave be ALL of those. Yes, it is a little pricy. BUT. IT. IS. WORTH. IT. You get three in the package. I find the black to be BLACK BLACK and it stays on ALL DAY (with a primer)!!!


This romper was a keeper. It was long enough to cover my booty, and the waist elastic fell in the right place. One thing I HATE about rompers, is when the elastic hits too high, and the shorts look like a big wedgie. This one is comfy, and I know it will definitely get some miles on it this summer!

This cardigan … I have it in yellow with pink sunbursts. It is so pretty!! I am so sad it is starting to warm up a little … my days of wearing it are running out!!


I ordered this sweatshirt in a small and a medium. Full disclosure … they both fit exactly the same. Granted, I ordered the medium in the grey and the small in the stripes … but the oversize boxy look happened with both. I think this will be perfect for summer nights. AHOY!

This sweater is SO SOFT. You know Wildfox will always deliver in the comfort factor, but this shirt has really been worth every dollar. It is a sweatshirt, but the way it lays is very similar to a sweater. I wore it with work pants, and it was a great look!! Perfect for dressing up or down!


Sadly, a few items failed for me. They looked great on the models … I did my due diligence in looking at the comments and pictures. Here is what is going back, and why …

Main Image - kate spade new york 'raelyn' 59mm cat eye sunglasses

I really wanted to love these Sunglasses from Kate Spade. I got them on sale … and man was I excited for them to arrive. I tried them on … and the nose pieces made them sit too high on my face. The cat eye just didn’t sit right on my face shape. It looked odd. If you find you have a problem with Cat Eye Glasses, they sit too low on your face, TRY THESE!

Main Image - Madewell Off the Shoulder Blouse

I was so excited to try this shirt on … I had the whole outfit in mind. All white everything … pretty accessories … statement bag … and then it arrived, and my worst fear was confirmed. TOTALLY SEE THROUGH AND MADE ME LOOK PREGNANT.

I picked this top up in two colors, the one pictured and in an off white/cream color. I was really excited to try these out … but they were cheap. Like that stiff, cheap, fabric table cloths are made out of. They were super sheer, which was okay, but they were so thin, they just didn’t lay right. They didn’t have any weight to them, so they tended to look wrinkled. A definite no go for me! I even tried to style them like the pictures – no luck!

It was my own fault this dress didn’t work. I ordered an X-Small … but my post-two baby booty was laughing at me in it. I am going to try another size and see if that makes it better. The fabric is more like linen … so not much stretch, and probably would wrinkle easily.

I am trying to set up a space in my home, where I can do Instagram stories of my try ons. I need a well lit space with a great mirror … hoping I can come up with something soon!


Sale Alert – Anthropologie!

Anthropologie is currently offering 25% on all their sale items and full price dresses … SAY WHAT?!?!

Here are a few of my favorites!! Will you be taking advantage of this sale?

Chambray Dress

Navy Dress

Floral Dress

Dipped Dress

Fruit Salad Dress – ON SALE

Striped T Shirt Dress

Flutter Sleeve Dress

LBD Summer Dress

Mixed Print Dress


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My Style …

If you knew me back in the day … you are probably thinking, “What in the WORLD is she doing with a mom fashion blog?” I had … questionable taste. I think I have always known what I liked in clothing, and I think I have always exuded similar style to where I am now … it just took me some time to be able to afford it … and to be able to determine what I liked and what I did not. There is a learning curve on how to shop online. How to look at a picture and imagine if it will look good on you. What to take a risk on, and what to avoid!


My 5th Grade Class Photo!My mom bought me a BRAND NEW dressy outfit for picture day! I was going to LOOK GOOD for my photos … she played a HUGE role in for my style foundation! I distinctly remember telling her, ” I am NOT wearing that new outfit. I am wearing my gymnastics t-shirt! I learned how to do a back handspring to earn that shirt, and I am going to wear it for my pictures!” Or something to that effect … I am pretty sure I was popped in the mouth after that too! But, she let me wear it!! I may not have been the BEST dressed girl in the photo, but I stuck to this style even today!! Flowy shirt and leggings … my go to outfit! Another note … I STILL have those baby hairs around my ears and face, TO THIS DAY! It’s the curse of the eternal ponytail!


I wish I had a slew of throwback pictures to show you … but they are ALL in storage. Here is one from high school … ignore the beer cans … we were totally innocent of any wrongdoing! I am not 100% sure on the rules of posting other peoples photos on the internet … so bear with me on the black dots.

I am pretty sure I borrowed this ENTIRE outfit from my best friend Amanda, the one I am hugging (still my bestie BTW …). Even back in the day, I knew what I liked … just didn’t always have it in my closet at the time! (Some faces are not hidden … on purpose, they are just TOO PRETTY to hide … aren’t my friends GORGEOUS???)

Can you spot me? I know … I am the one who looks like she hasn’t aged a day since she was 16 (kidding … I look like the crypt keeper now) …

All of this to say, my style tastes haven’t changed they have only developed. I am certain about what I like, and what I don’t like now. Maybe that comes with age … maybe it comes with style, or lack their of, experience … whatever it is … this blog is about what I wear, what I like, and maybe a few things you may like as well.

The most FRUSTRATING thing for me, is when I see someone wearing an ADORABLE outfit, and I ask where it is from and they say, “Oh, some shop …”. Seriously? It is a top, and even if I was to run out and buy it right after I see you … WHO CARES??? Are we 5?? Why is it SUCH a big deal if someone copies what you are wearing? I admire it, and I think the color/style/cut of the clothing would flatter me. I think women need to support and help other women, in every aspect!! So … here is my blog … I am sharing the things I love, and the way I am able to afford them (ahem … buying EVERYTHING on sale!)!!

I hope you all enjoy it … and don’t roll your eyes when you see my posts on EVERY form of social media!!






Monthly OOTD Round-Up

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I am trying to post as many outfits as I can – hopefully, they bring a little inspiration to your wardrobe!!

PS – have you entered the Giveaway yet? It closes tonight!!!

St Patricks Day

St Patrick’s Day Outfit

Jacket (on sale) / Pants  (or here and here) / Shirt / Shoes

Fat Day Outfit
What to wear on a fat day Monday!

Dress / Cardigan (or here)/ Boots / Necklace / Bracelet 

Spring 1

Ready for Spring

Top / Cardigan (or here)/ Skirt / Boots

I need more sun!

Pants / Top / Shoes / Bracelet

What is your go to Spring style staple? Any new clothing out I need to know about? I hate this time of year, my closet always feels ready for an update. I am SICK of wearing all my winter clothes, and it is not quite ready for my summer wardrobe to be pulled out. Can you send me some spring style suggestions? I need to make some new additions to my closet!!

Also – I want to add a signature to all my posts. I see so many people signing off with, “XOXO – Name”, or “Love, Name”. Can you help me think of something catchy??

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Friday Confessions – Giveaway!


Another Friday … another round of weekly confessions … and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Stay tuned to the end of this post for more details!!!

Lets get to it why don’t we?!?!

  • I am exhausted. ALL … THE … TIME. At any point of time in the day, I can take a nap. When I wake up in the morning, no matter what time I go to bed, I feel like I could go back to sleep for another hour … the thought of going to bed late, makes me want to cry. My 21 year old self is mortified in my behavior, and embarrassed I don’t suck it up, because as I once said, “You can sleep when you are dead … ” Well 21 year old self, I am dying slowly every day from lack of sleep .. touche!
  • Every Sunday, I make a deal with myself. I will shower EVERY day … I will style my hair everyday … I will wash my face twice a day (morning and night) … and I will maintain pretty painted nails all week. By Tuesday, I have already missed one shower … by Wednesday I decide washing my face twice dries it out and is stupid … and on Friday I look at my nails and wish I had painted them at least once … NOT ONE GOAL ACCOMPLISHED and they are standard self-care goals!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???
  • When I am making dinner, my kids are always restless and constantly telling me they are hungry. It takes every ounce of self-control I have, to not throw a handful of Cheerio’s on the floor and tell them to, “go at it”! When I say every ounce, I mean I have grabbed the box of cereal, and then the thought of my husband walking in and seeing what I am about to do, stops me. Not the fact the kids are eating food off of the floor … the judgement from my husband … what kind of mother am I?
  •  It is my daughters 3rd birthday on Saturday. We are having a party with 45 people … at the zoo … who does not allow alcohol. It is my opinion that any location who offers space for a children’s birthday, should have a steady stream of wine and/or liquor at their locations. It is cruel not to.

I am so excited to announce my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! The response to this blog has been incredible, and I want to thank my readers with something really special!

Up for grabs is the SOLD OUT ANASTASIA OF BEVERLY HILLS -NICOLE GUERRIERO GLOW KIT! Have you heard of this palette? I have been DYING to try it after all of reviews I have read, and seeing it is ALWAYS sold out means so many others are as excited as I am!! 

Follow the link below to enter!!! Winner will be announced in next Friday’s Confessions!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Churchin’ It Up …

This weekend, my husband and I went to see Eric Church. We are BIG country music fans … judge me all you want, but I will SHAKE IT to some twangy country music!!

It is always difficult for me to choose what to wear to a concert. On one end, I love the country feel … a good plaid/flannel shirt … cowboy boots … cowboy hat …  really makes you feel excited. The problem is, most of those are things I don’t wear on a daily basis. They are just not … ‘me’ … you know what I mean? I like to wear things that suit the experience, while at the same time are still true to my personal style.

For this country concert, I wore a shirt dress, light military style jacket, and boots. I  felt like it was dressed up enough to make it feel like date night, comfortable enough to be standing all night at the concert and I didn’t feel ‘theme-y’ where I was self-conscious about how I looked.

The dress … oh my goodness, this dress is so comfortable and flattering!! It’s one of those shirt dresses that is forgiving and baggy, while at the same time giving you some shape. It is not just a tent, it has curves, but it’s not hugging every dimple of cellulite my kids gave my booty!

Main Image - Current/Elliott T-Shirt Dress

If you follow me on Instagram (, then you probably saw my post on Friday about my St. Patrick’s Day outfit. I absolutely LOVE the military jacket I wore. It is such a great color of green, which really compliments any complexion. I love the length too … it is long enough to wear with leggings and a longer tank/t-shirt, and short enough to wear with jeans. That is a tricky length to find in a jacket and this one delivers … BIG TIME!

JACKET (currently on sale – I wear a size small and find it to be TTS)BB Dakota Kierson Army Jacket

I chose my GO TO Frye boots … these are just the best boots! They are so comfortable, that after walking to the concert … standing all night … and walking to our car after … they never caused my feet to cramp or feel uncomfortable … SO glad I own these, and I am hoping to buy the black pair soon!!

BOOTS (I wear a 6.5 typically and wear a 6 in these)

For accessories and jewelry … I went with simple gold. I ADORE Gorjana jewelry … it is one of my favorites!! Simple … classic … understated …and beautiful. All things that SPEAK to me!!

EARRINGSMain Image - gorjana 'Chloe' Small Stud Earrings

NECKLACE (this is adjustable … and it is my favorite!! I found it at the Nordstrom sale … sorry it’s not still marked down, but it is worth it full price too!)

PURSE (I wore this in the Linen color, which is SO flattering to everyone … sadly, I can only find it online in this pretty blue color, which would be so perfect for Easter!)

It was an incredible night with some amazing friends … and Eric was one of my favorite concerts to DATE!!

What about you … what are your concert staple outfits? Any suggests for what to wear when I go to Nashville in May??


Mom travel made easy

This weekend I left for a few days to attend a work conference.

I am going to get the doting mother quote aside right now. I adore my children, and I miss them so much when I am away from them!

Now that I have assured you that I am a loving mother and I and I adore my children, I will now say: I was SO excited to have a little time to myself. Time where I did not have to get someone a cup of milk, or walk around with my hair in a towel for over an hour after my shower because the kindle battery died, and someone MUST watch Cinderella or else she will DIE! Time where every conversation revolved around what I do for a living, and how I can grow and become more efficient and knowledgeable.

Time away also requires preparation. My husband took on the role of mom while I was gone. It’s not that I was worried … but there was the year he locked one of our kids in the car, while I was gone, and could not get into the house to get a spare set of keys. (This story is GREAT and one for another day … just another reason you should click the ‘follow button’ so you don’t miss it!!! I prefer Bloglovin’ for my blog reading preferences, if you would like a tutorial, let me know in the comments)

The preparation is key … meal prep, outfit decisions for the girls, setting our house up for minimal destruction while I am gone … all must happen before I can even THINK about preparing myself. I try to help my husband with the girls outfits, without him knowing it (he likes to be self-sufficient with the girls and I like to let him think he is). The girls looked AMAZING each day I was gone. Their sitter was very impressed with Jared. Little did she know, I know my husbands methods … grab the first thing on the top of the pile and pair with the first thing on top of the other pile – BAM – OOTD! To ensure the best outcome … I stacked the girls drawers so the first 4 or 5 shirt/pant combo would match. Worked like a charm!

For me … I really had to think about what I was wearing and how it would transfer to the different scenarios my conference offered. The first day included travel and then going directly into training’s. I am a representative of my employer, so I like to ensure I put as much ‘effort’ into looking nice, while staying comfortable during travel. This also means choosing items which do not wrinkle or stretch.

Jeggings for the win!! These jeggings were great, they are thicker than denim and totally mimic a dress pant fabric, but with a form fitting silhouette. Wrinkles were non-existent, and they did not stretch. Yes, you read that correctly … they … did … not … stretch … out!

These can be found here!

If you followed the link … I know what you are probably thinking, “Uh, pretty sure your ‘About Me’ states, “Champagne tastes on a beer budget …” and this is the second pair of pants you have suggested over $100.”  Well … I got really stinking lucky … I found these babies at a local boutique ON SALE for $35. I WISH they had an online store … it would be incredible!! However, after seeing how these babies performed this weekend … I would pay full price for them! I would buy them in EVERY color if they came in more of a variety!!

The next day I decided on a nice pull over dress. It packed well, and gave me a good balance of business casual and comfortable. While I cannot find the specific one I wore in stores anymore, here are a few similar ones and the same price point I found mine!

Dress 1 / Dress 2 /  Dress 3

Each of these dresses is under $50, and all would be great for a day where you are navigating to areas of different temperatures. My conference had training’s, which required you to travel from one room to another. The temperature was always changing, one room was so cold I would shiver, while another would be so warm I thought I might fall asleep. Having a lightweight dress with long or 3/4 length sleeves proved to be the perfect choice. I was comfortable in almost every room, and I looked effortless and professional at the same time. Win – Win – Win!
My final day was part training, part travel, so again I needed something comfortable and professional, which traveled well. I was able to put together a great outfit of leggings, boots and a flowy top. (I told you in my previous post, I like my flowy tops and leggings!).
My favorite leggings of ALL TIME are the Zella Black Live Leggings … HANDS down amazing!! 
Leggings (on sale in pink)!
These leggings are by far the best for the price. Biggest factor – they /do not turn see-through when you bend over! They keep their color, even YEARS after washing and drying, they DO NOT STRETCH OUT and finally … they suck your thighs in so tight you have a thigh gap! Okay – that is not a guarantee, but on a skinny day, if you haven’t had breakfast yet … it can happen!
Once I returned home … floors needed mopped, counters needed to be wiped down … and laundry needed to be completed. Why is it when you return home, after somewhat of a ‘break’, life seems to just HIT you, and suddenly you think, “Jeez life … can’t I have just a little bit of a transition?”!
What are your working travel staples? I would love to add a few more key items to my packing list for my next work trip.You never know when you might have a ‘fat-day’ and need that back-up outfit!