Just a mom … making it through the day, one glass of wine at a time!

I have been reading blogs since I discovered them in 2009. One trend I keep seeing … everything is so darn expensive!! Who would love a great Louis Vuitton bag, or Christian Louboutin pumps … I know I certainly would love to have them in my closet … but the bloggers I am following seem to have an un-ending supply of luxury items – that may be a once in a lifetime purchase for myself.

I wanted a blog with real clothes, I am able to obtain without going into debt.

Thus, T-Shirts and Tantrums was born. I am not pretending to be something I am not, and my clothes reflect my budget – either on sale … or so cheap they might as well be on sale! I am a full-time working mom, so my clothes need to be dual purpose. Fit into the office and into my casual wardrobes.

I love my children … I love being a mom … and I am pretty sure I suck at it 90% of the time. I wish they ate organic meals all day, every day. I wish everything they consumed was scratch made, and I wish they got baths every night. The fact is – in my life if I make a meal and it is not a leftover or pre-packed … that is a win. If they get a bath every other day of the week … also a win.


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