Keep Your Eyes Open on a Treadmill…

I was at the gym last night … yes, you read that correctly, we joined a gym.

I like to start and end my workout with a walk on the treadmill. My cool down walk is usually a time where I listen to a podcast or book on tape … helps my mind wind down too.

Well, last night, I am on the treadmill and I keep getting distracted by other people and I am losing track of my place in the book. So, while I am walking I decide to close my eyes. While my eyes are closed … nothing feels different while walking on the treadmill, and suddenly I get the feeling like I am on one of those moving ramps at the airport. When I open my eyes … I have somehow ended up on the very back of the treadmill, and I end up doing something out of an America’s Funniest Home videos, where I am trying to catch my footing and then start to fall forward and BAM! I flew off the back of the treadmill … at the YMCA … and have a 100 people’s eyes on me when I do it.

It. Was. Mortifying. Lesson learned … keep your eyes open on the treadmill. Hopefully, my blunder can be a learning experience for you!

I am needing some new gym inspiration as well … my current clothes totally work for what I am doing, but all the fitness gurus say to have cute gym clothes to encourage you to go to the gym. As a way to entice myself to workout, I have said that for every month I meet my fitness goals (working out 5 days a week), I’ll allow myself to purchase one of the following items (Abs willing .. after two babies, I’m not sure my naval will ever see daylight again).

What are your fitness goals? Any recommendations for amazing gym clothes I must have?

This Crop Top will be the last item I purchase … because it will take years to get abs like this … but it is a goal I have!
LOVE this oversized sweatshirt!! So retro but chic!
Adidas nailed it with these leggings! Can also be used for Cougar Football season as well!! (because I have no shame and will totally wear leggings in public)
These peek-a-boo leggings may be a pipe dream, but I would love to rock these and look good doing it!
LOVE this ballet pink sports bra, and after two babies … these ladies need some SUPPORT!
This Nike Sports Bra is on sale … so I am hoping the sale price sticks and it will be my first TREAT TO ME purchase!
Zella Leggings are my favorite … squats, bend and snaps … they can handle it all!

2 thoughts on “Keep Your Eyes Open on a Treadmill…

  1. Omg that crop top! I’m loving everything at Athleta right now-could be because it’s one of my only options in the Missoula mall-but, still, loving everything I’ve picked up so far.


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