What Worked … What didn’t

I have posted recently about ALL of these things which have been arriving in the mail … but I have failed to talk about how they turned out!! I figured I would give you all a run down, of what has been working lately, and what has flopped!


This eyeliner is INCREDIBLE!! I am ALWAYS struggling with eyeliners. I love the look of a gel, with the staying power of a liquid and the ease of a pencil. This eyeliner gave be ALL of those. Yes, it is a little pricy. BUT. IT. IS. WORTH. IT. You get three in the package. I find the black to be BLACK BLACK and it stays on ALL DAY (with a primer)!!!


This romper was a keeper. It was long enough to cover my booty, and the waist elastic fell in the right place. One thing I HATE about rompers, is when the elastic hits too high, and the shorts look like a big wedgie. This one is comfy, and I know it will definitely get some miles on it this summer!

This cardigan … I have it in yellow with pink sunbursts. It is so pretty!! I am so sad it is starting to warm up a little … my days of wearing it are running out!!


I ordered this sweatshirt in a small and a medium. Full disclosure … they both fit exactly the same. Granted, I ordered the medium in the grey and the small in the stripes … but the oversize boxy look happened with both. I think this will be perfect for summer nights. AHOY!

This sweater is SO SOFT. You know Wildfox will always deliver in the comfort factor, but this shirt has really been worth every dollar. It is a sweatshirt, but the way it lays is very similar to a sweater. I wore it with work pants, and it was a great look!! Perfect for dressing up or down!


Sadly, a few items failed for me. They looked great on the models … I did my due diligence in looking at the comments and pictures. Here is what is going back, and why …

Main Image - kate spade new york 'raelyn' 59mm cat eye sunglasses

I really wanted to love these Sunglasses from Kate Spade. I got them on sale … and man was I excited for them to arrive. I tried them on … and the nose pieces made them sit too high on my face. The cat eye just didn’t sit right on my face shape. It looked odd. If you find you have a problem with Cat Eye Glasses, they sit too low on your face, TRY THESE!

Main Image - Madewell Off the Shoulder Blouse

I was so excited to try this shirt on … I had the whole outfit in mind. All white everything … pretty accessories … statement bag … and then it arrived, and my worst fear was confirmed. TOTALLY SEE THROUGH AND MADE ME LOOK PREGNANT.

I picked this top up in two colors, the one pictured and in an off white/cream color. I was really excited to try these out … but they were cheap. Like that stiff, cheap, fabric table cloths are made out of. They were super sheer, which was okay, but they were so thin, they just didn’t lay right. They didn’t have any weight to them, so they tended to look wrinkled. A definite no go for me! I even tried to style them like the pictures – no luck!

It was my own fault this dress didn’t work. I ordered an X-Small … but my post-two baby booty was laughing at me in it. I am going to try another size and see if that makes it better. The fabric is more like linen … so not much stretch, and probably would wrinkle easily.

I am trying to set up a space in my home, where I can do Instagram stories of my try ons. I need a well lit space with a great mirror … hoping I can come up with something soon!


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