I started Invisalign today. I am currently 5 hours into my two year relationship. So far, it is not terrible. HOWEVER, there are a few things I wish I had known before I started this journey. Would knowing these things have changed my mind? Probably not, however, I would have been MUCH more mentally prepared for what was to come.

Here you go, my knowledge of the Invisalign experience … 5 hours into it.

You can eat whatever you want … but have to brush and floss after each time. I feel like the word ‘eat’ is used loosely. What it really means is, anything you put into your mouth, besides water, requires brushing and flossing. While I knew I had to take them off to eat, I had NO CLUE they needed to be removed to drink coffee … chew gum … eat a few pieces of candy, THEN a full round of teeth brushing after EVERY TIME. Seems small, but it all adds up quickly. I am already thinking about how this will affect my night time wine ritual.

They put little nubs on your teeth to hold the retainers in place. Sounds small potatoes … but my GOODNESS are they annoying from the start. They way they rub, catch food, and just in general feel in your mouth. I know, this is NOTHING compared to braces, but my goodness – they are ANNOYING!! I had NO IDEA!

You are not able to close your mouth all the way. This may be just my set, but there is this shelf behind my front teeth, preventing my bottom teeth from closing all the way. IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! Like I have a bite blocker permanently in my mouth.

The lisp. I knew I would have a slight speech impediment. I was warned … but I had NO IDEA I would sound like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Sylvester the Cat.

Image result for elmer fudd

My friend Hallie ‘Bria’ Blakey, is the one who pushed me into getting Invisalign. I 100% know she is totally unaware of this. On social media one day, she posted a picture of herself, recently sans-braces and said, “Invest in yourself” and that stuck with me. I have hated my teeth and smile for my entire life. It was time I invested in myself, which will help me to encourage my children to do the same. I needed to be an example of a woman I wanted them to become. I needed to invest in myself, and my husband supported it.

So here I am, week one (day one) into my 110 week journey. Any of your have some advice??? I would love any, and all, of your Invisalign tips and tricks!




4 thoughts on “Invisalign

  1. I’m one year into it and have 3 months left! You’ll get used to it after a while, although the nubs on your teeth are always annoying. About halfway through I stopped flossing and brushing EVERY TIME I ate, and started using the Colgate Wisps instead. Now I just do the whole routine twice a day and brush the trays at night. My ortho told me I could still drink wine at night with them in as long as it’s white wine and I’m pretty close to switching out to the next tray 😉 Good luck! It’s amazing how much work these little plastic trays can do! I’m so glad I got them.

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  2. I just “finished” my Invisalign treatment. I put finished in quotes because after the nubs come off, not sure if you’ve been told be you still have to wear the extremely similar looking retainer 22 hours a day for 3 months and then 18 hours a day for the 3 months following that. THEN you can wear them just at night. SURPRISE! So add on 6 months to whatever length Invisalign journey you had planned on! But my teeth are straight again. Also Invisalign mixed with early pregnancy wasn’t fun because I needed to snack a lot to feel less queasy but was then constantly removing “my teeth” as I called them. Another negative to doing during pregnancy is they can’t whiten at the end, so although teeth are straight they aren’t very white 😬. I had 4 kits in different places, so I’m never without floss, toothpaste, a travel toothbrush, retainer case and chewies. At work, in my car, in my purse and diaper bag. Good luck! (I found drinking coffee the most annoying, I have always been a slow sipper… so either felt like I was chugging it or if I did sip, I was keeping my teeth out longer than ideal)

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