Friday Confessions …

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Another Friday … another round of weekly confessions. Or as my husband likes to call it, “Another time when you tell people stuff they don’t really care to know …” … Yes, honey … another week.

  • My husband had to work late a few nights this week. When we were first married, I hated this kind of night. I missed him … I was lonely … I was a little scared. Now? Now I kind of look forward to these nights. First, I make the girls some type of resemblance of a dinner, typically a lunch meat and sliced cheese rolled up and a cup of yogurt. I tell them we are having, “a picnic”. But, really … we are having a, “I don’t want to do dishes or cook or do anything that requires energy” kind of meal. Then, when bed time hits … out comes the container of ice cream I have hidden in the back of the freezer, on goes the RHO-Something, and I am on the couch for the rest of the night. It. Is. GLORIOUS!
  • I have been receiving boxes of stuff I have ordered from all the sales lately (Nordstrom … Shopbop … Anthropologie) and my husband would KILL ME if he knew how much I had coming in. So … I stashed them all in the in our guest room and waited until a late work night (see above) to bust them all out! (Instastories coming soon with the try-on pictures)
  • I order a lot … too much … from Nordstrom. Their site is just too good to be true … free shipping … great sales … price matching. I go overboard … and Saturday was proof of that. I took everything I chose to pass on back to the mall. There were SO MANY boxes, I brought the girls stroller, took the seats off and stacked them up. It was so mortifying walking in with them all stacked shoulder high. The staring … the side eyes … not fun. It is not my fault though … Nordstrom sends a t-shirt in a box that would fit a poofy wedding dress … and if I put them in our recycle bin, my husband would know in an instant all the shopping I did. I had no choice. The return had to happen someway … boxes, stroller and all.
  • Buying stuff for my kids Easter basket is fun. All I buy is stuff I want to eat. No way am I giving my 11-month-old a large bag full of MiniCadbury eggs … but she’s getting them!! My three year old will not appreciate the Giradhelli chocolate bars I got … but I will!! Best part … hubby has no idea those candy purchases had ulterior motives!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and an amazing Easter!!



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4 thoughts on “Friday Confessions …

  1. I’m terrible about hiding purchases. The good news is eventually you can share clothes with your girls (a blessing and a curse) so you buy “them” cute clothes and “share”😉 One a side note, I get a kindred spirit kind of feeling anytime someone else confesses they enjoy anything on Bravo. My husband calls it trash. I call it amazing television. If I could get tickets to WWHL, I would die a happy death.


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