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My Style …

If you knew me back in the day … you are probably thinking, “What in the WORLD is she doing with a mom fashion blog?” I had … questionable taste. I think I have always known what I liked in clothing, and I think I have always exuded similar style to where I am now … it just took me some time to be able to afford it … and to be able to determine what I liked and what I did not. There is a learning curve on how to shop online. How to look at a picture and imagine if it will look good on you. What to take a risk on, and what to avoid!


My 5th Grade Class Photo!My mom bought me a BRAND NEW dressy outfit for picture day! I was going to LOOK GOOD for my photos … she played a HUGE role in for my style foundation! I distinctly remember telling her, ” I am NOT wearing that new outfit. I am wearing my gymnastics t-shirt! I learned how to do a back handspring to earn that shirt, and I am going to wear it for my pictures!” Or something to that effect … I am pretty sure I was popped in the mouth after that too! But, she let me wear it!! I may not have been the BEST dressed girl in the photo, but I stuck to this style even today!! Flowy shirt and leggings … my go to outfit! Another note … I STILL have those baby hairs around my ears and face, TO THIS DAY! It’s the curse of the eternal ponytail!


I wish I had a slew of throwback pictures to show you … but they are ALL in storage. Here is one from high school … ignore the beer cans … we were totally innocent of any wrongdoing! I am not 100% sure on the rules of posting other peoples photos on the internet … so bear with me on the black dots.

I am pretty sure I borrowed this ENTIRE outfit from my best friend Amanda, the one I am hugging (still my bestie BTW …). Even back in the day, I knew what I liked … just didn’t always have it in my closet at the time! (Some faces are not hidden … on purpose, they are just TOO PRETTY to hide … aren’t my friends GORGEOUS???)

Can you spot me? I know … I am the one who looks like she hasn’t aged a day since she was 16 (kidding … I look like the crypt keeper now) …

All of this to say, my style tastes haven’t changed they have only developed. I am certain about what I like, and what I don’t like now. Maybe that comes with age … maybe it comes with style, or lack their of, experience … whatever it is … this blog is about what I wear, what I like, and maybe a few things you may like as well.

The most FRUSTRATING thing for me, is when I see someone wearing an ADORABLE outfit, and I ask where it is from and they say, “Oh, some shop …”. Seriously? It is a top, and even if I was to run out and buy it right after I see you … WHO CARES??? Are we 5?? Why is it SUCH a big deal if someone copies what you are wearing? I admire it, and I think the color/style/cut of the clothing would flatter me. I think women need to support and help other women, in every aspect!! So … here is my blog … I am sharing the things I love, and the way I am able to afford them (ahem … buying EVERYTHING on sale!)!!

I hope you all enjoy it … and don’t roll your eyes when you see my posts on EVERY form of social media!!





2 thoughts on “My Style …

  1. The tables have turned.. Now I want everything in YOUR closet!
    Love you, bestie😁, and your posts! I’m the worst online shopper-I need you to show me the good stuff!


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