What Worked … What didn’t

I have posted recently about ALL of these things which have been arriving in the mail … but I have failed to talk about how they turned out!! I figured I would give you all a run down, of what has been working lately, and what has flopped!


This eyeliner is INCREDIBLE!! I am ALWAYS struggling with eyeliners. I love the look of a gel, with the staying power of a liquid and the ease of a pencil. This eyeliner gave be ALL of those. Yes, it is a little pricy. BUT. IT. IS. WORTH. IT. You get three in the package. I find the black to be BLACK BLACK and it stays on ALL DAY (with a primer)!!!


This romper was a keeper. It was long enough to cover my booty, and the waist elastic fell in the right place. One thing I HATE about rompers, is when the elastic hits too high, and the shorts look like a big wedgie. This one is comfy, and I know it will definitely get some miles on it this summer!

This cardigan … I have it in yellow with pink sunbursts. It is so pretty!! I am so sad it is starting to warm up a little … my days of wearing it are running out!!


I ordered this sweatshirt in a small and a medium. Full disclosure … they both fit exactly the same. Granted, I ordered the medium in the grey and the small in the stripes … but the oversize boxy look happened with both. I think this will be perfect for summer nights. AHOY!

This sweater is SO SOFT. You know Wildfox will always deliver in the comfort factor, but this shirt has really been worth every dollar. It is a sweatshirt, but the way it lays is very similar to a sweater. I wore it with work pants, and it was a great look!! Perfect for dressing up or down!


Sadly, a few items failed for me. They looked great on the models … I did my due diligence in looking at the comments and pictures. Here is what is going back, and why …

Main Image - kate spade new york 'raelyn' 59mm cat eye sunglasses

I really wanted to love these Sunglasses from Kate Spade. I got them on sale … and man was I excited for them to arrive. I tried them on … and the nose pieces made them sit too high on my face. The cat eye just didn’t sit right on my face shape. It looked odd. If you find you have a problem with Cat Eye Glasses, they sit too low on your face, TRY THESE!

Main Image - Madewell Off the Shoulder Blouse

I was so excited to try this shirt on … I had the whole outfit in mind. All white everything … pretty accessories … statement bag … and then it arrived, and my worst fear was confirmed. TOTALLY SEE THROUGH AND MADE ME LOOK PREGNANT.

I picked this top up in two colors, the one pictured and in an off white/cream color. I was really excited to try these out … but they were cheap. Like that stiff, cheap, fabric table cloths are made out of. They were super sheer, which was okay, but they were so thin, they just didn’t lay right. They didn’t have any weight to them, so they tended to look wrinkled. A definite no go for me! I even tried to style them like the pictures – no luck!

It was my own fault this dress didn’t work. I ordered an X-Small … but my post-two baby booty was laughing at me in it. I am going to try another size and see if that makes it better. The fabric is more like linen … so not much stretch, and probably would wrinkle easily.

I am trying to set up a space in my home, where I can do Instagram stories of my try ons. I need a well lit space with a great mirror … hoping I can come up with something soon!



I started Invisalign today. I am currently 5 hours into my two year relationship. So far, it is not terrible. HOWEVER, there are a few things I wish I had known before I started this journey. Would knowing these things have changed my mind? Probably not, however, I would have been MUCH more mentally prepared for what was to come.

Here you go, my knowledge of the Invisalign experience … 5 hours into it.

You can eat whatever you want … but have to brush and floss after each time. I feel like the word ‘eat’ is used loosely. What it really means is, anything you put into your mouth, besides water, requires brushing and flossing. While I knew I had to take them off to eat, I had NO CLUE they needed to be removed to drink coffee … chew gum … eat a few pieces of candy, THEN a full round of teeth brushing after EVERY TIME. Seems small, but it all adds up quickly. I am already thinking about how this will affect my night time wine ritual.

They put little nubs on your teeth to hold the retainers in place. Sounds small potatoes … but my GOODNESS are they annoying from the start. They way they rub, catch food, and just in general feel in your mouth. I know, this is NOTHING compared to braces, but my goodness – they are ANNOYING!! I had NO IDEA!

You are not able to close your mouth all the way. This may be just my set, but there is this shelf behind my front teeth, preventing my bottom teeth from closing all the way. IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! Like I have a bite blocker permanently in my mouth.

The lisp. I knew I would have a slight speech impediment. I was warned … but I had NO IDEA I would sound like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Sylvester the Cat.

Image result for elmer fudd

My friend Hallie ‘Bria’ Blakey, is the one who pushed me into getting Invisalign. I 100% know she is totally unaware of this. On social media one day, she posted a picture of herself, recently sans-braces and said, “Invest in yourself” and that stuck with me. I have hated my teeth and smile for my entire life. It was time I invested in myself, which will help me to encourage my children to do the same. I needed to be an example of a woman I wanted them to become. I needed to invest in myself, and my husband supported it.

So here I am, week one (day one) into my 110 week journey. Any of your have some advice??? I would love any, and all, of your Invisalign tips and tricks!




Friday Confessions …

Image result for confessions meme

Another Friday … another round of weekly confessions. Or as my husband likes to call it, “Another time when you tell people stuff they don’t really care to know …” … Yes, honey … another week.

  • My husband had to work late a few nights this week. When we were first married, I hated this kind of night. I missed him … I was lonely … I was a little scared. Now? Now I kind of look forward to these nights. First, I make the girls some type of resemblance of a dinner, typically a lunch meat and sliced cheese rolled up and a cup of yogurt. I tell them we are having, “a picnic”. But, really … we are having a, “I don’t want to do dishes or cook or do anything that requires energy” kind of meal. Then, when bed time hits … out comes the container of ice cream I have hidden in the back of the freezer, on goes the RHO-Something, and I am on the couch for the rest of the night. It. Is. GLORIOUS!
  • I have been receiving boxes of stuff I have ordered from all the sales lately (Nordstrom … Shopbop … Anthropologie) and my husband would KILL ME if he knew how much I had coming in. So … I stashed them all in the in our guest room and waited until a late work night (see above) to bust them all out! (Instastories coming soon with the try-on pictures)
  • I order a lot … too much … from Nordstrom. Their site is just too good to be true … free shipping … great sales … price matching. I go overboard … and Saturday was proof of that. I took everything I chose to pass on back to the mall. There were SO MANY boxes, I brought the girls stroller, took the seats off and stacked them up. It was so mortifying walking in with them all stacked shoulder high. The staring … the side eyes … not fun. It is not my fault though … Nordstrom sends a t-shirt in a box that would fit a poofy wedding dress … and if I put them in our recycle bin, my husband would know in an instant all the shopping I did. I had no choice. The return had to happen someway … boxes, stroller and all.
  • Buying stuff for my kids Easter basket is fun. All I buy is stuff I want to eat. No way am I giving my 11-month-old a large bag full of MiniCadbury eggs … but she’s getting them!! My three year old will not appreciate the Giradhelli chocolate bars I got … but I will!! Best part … hubby has no idea those candy purchases had ulterior motives!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and an amazing Easter!!



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Easter Ready …

I love Easter. It is, hands down, my favorite holiday. I love getting super dressed up for church … I love the family photos … I love the food … I LOVE the candy!!! It is all around a holiday I look forward to every year. The hardest part for me, is finding affordable dresses. What is it about Easter that makes me was something BRAND SPANKING NEW??

Sad day happened … my Anthropologie dress was cancelled … womp, womp. I have ZERO time to find something online and have it shipped – then HOPE it will work. Instead, I am heading to trusty Target (pronounced: tar-shey) to help me find something.

If you are like me and don’t want to travel to your store to see if they have these in stock, use the online store and select “Pick-Up in Store” as your delivery option. That way, you can pick it up in-store, go and try it on, then return it if it doesn’t work out. Easy – Peasy! Here are a few I am trying on at my local Target!! I am trying something new, click on the picture to travel to the link! Hoping to make it a little easier for you!

If you end up picking up one of these dresses and wearing it, be sure to post a picture to Instagram, and tag us! (@tshirtsandtantrums)



These are my confessions …


Another Friday … another round of Confessions … (just when I thought I said all I can say …)

Usher Gif

I love using this GIF for these Friday confessions … like … I am so bummed I used this idea so early … such a waste … FYI – it will be making periodic comebacks!

On to this weeks confessions:

  • I need to join a gym. It is that simple. This summer body jiggles when I walk … and I am PRETTY sure I have cellulite from my hips to my ankles … not a good look. HOWEVER, I just cannot seem to get myself to join the Y (it is the only local gym with childcare for the younger age kiddos in my area). I thought of buying some cute workout gear to get excited to wear to the gym!! Anyone have recommendations for great workout gear that is NOT Lululemon? I want cute stuff … but I also want money in the bank, and with Lululemon, that will not happen.
  • I haven’t made a real meal for my family in over a week. Seriously. My kids have been eating peanut butter and jelly, or frozen chicken nuggets, EVERY – NIGHT – THIS – WEEK, and my husband has been having to resort to eating random odds and ends of meals … bbq pork with cheese slices, ham sandwich with sundried tomatoes … and the worst one … leftover enchiladas and macaroni salad. Part of me is a little embarrassed and part of me is thinking, “I wonder how much longer I can go without actually cooking something …”
  • I told my husband we need to “Clean out the pantry…” which implies I want to try to eat as many things in our pantry and freezer, so they do not go bad. What it really means is, “I am f*&$%g lazy and I don’t to go to the store and cook. Instead, I want to pull random odds and ends out all week, and do as little prepping and preparing as possible.”
  • I have been letting my hair air-dry lately, which is not the best look for me. Some people get those tousled beachy waves when they dry. My hair does a weird corkscrew wave underneath, and dries straight as a board on the top layer. It looks odd, and not at all flattering. I tell my husband and co-workers its because I want to save my hair from heat styling, and give it some time to repair. What it really means is again, I am F*&#&%g lazy and I don’t want to blow dry or straighten my hair.
  • My 3 year old has watched MOANA so many dadgum times, the songs are stuck in my head for days on end. “I’m shiny …. “, or “What can I say except, you’re welcome …” GAH!!! Make it stop!!!! Moana ‘broke’ this weekend … so I am not sure what I am going to do to entertain my 3 year old (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and The Incredibles have all ‘broke’ as well …). The moment she discovers they are not broken, will work on our tablets and TV apps … and the dvd’s and blurays are all in working order … will be the day my sanity dies.

SO glad it is Friday!! It means there is a green glass bottle at home, with a cork in it … just WAITING to be opened, and consumed!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Life · Style

My Style …

If you knew me back in the day … you are probably thinking, “What in the WORLD is she doing with a mom fashion blog?” I had … questionable taste. I think I have always known what I liked in clothing, and I think I have always exuded similar style to where I am now … it just took me some time to be able to afford it … and to be able to determine what I liked and what I did not. There is a learning curve on how to shop online. How to look at a picture and imagine if it will look good on you. What to take a risk on, and what to avoid!


My 5th Grade Class Photo!My mom bought me a BRAND NEW dressy outfit for picture day! I was going to LOOK GOOD for my photos … she played a HUGE role in for my style foundation! I distinctly remember telling her, ” I am NOT wearing that new outfit. I am wearing my gymnastics t-shirt! I learned how to do a back handspring to earn that shirt, and I am going to wear it for my pictures!” Or something to that effect … I am pretty sure I was popped in the mouth after that too! But, she let me wear it!! I may not have been the BEST dressed girl in the photo, but I stuck to this style even today!! Flowy shirt and leggings … my go to outfit! Another note … I STILL have those baby hairs around my ears and face, TO THIS DAY! It’s the curse of the eternal ponytail!


I wish I had a slew of throwback pictures to show you … but they are ALL in storage. Here is one from high school … ignore the beer cans … we were totally innocent of any wrongdoing! I am not 100% sure on the rules of posting other peoples photos on the internet … so bear with me on the black dots.

I am pretty sure I borrowed this ENTIRE outfit from my best friend Amanda, the one I am hugging (still my bestie BTW …). Even back in the day, I knew what I liked … just didn’t always have it in my closet at the time! (Some faces are not hidden … on purpose, they are just TOO PRETTY to hide … aren’t my friends GORGEOUS???)

Can you spot me? I know … I am the one who looks like she hasn’t aged a day since she was 16 (kidding … I look like the crypt keeper now) …

All of this to say, my style tastes haven’t changed they have only developed. I am certain about what I like, and what I don’t like now. Maybe that comes with age … maybe it comes with style, or lack their of, experience … whatever it is … this blog is about what I wear, what I like, and maybe a few things you may like as well.

The most FRUSTRATING thing for me, is when I see someone wearing an ADORABLE outfit, and I ask where it is from and they say, “Oh, some shop …”. Seriously? It is a top, and even if I was to run out and buy it right after I see you … WHO CARES??? Are we 5?? Why is it SUCH a big deal if someone copies what you are wearing? I admire it, and I think the color/style/cut of the clothing would flatter me. I think women need to support and help other women, in every aspect!! So … here is my blog … I am sharing the things I love, and the way I am able to afford them (ahem … buying EVERYTHING on sale!)!!

I hope you all enjoy it … and don’t roll your eyes when you see my posts on EVERY form of social media!!