Mom Style Staples

I never thought of my wardrobe, as my mom uniform … but that is exactly what it is. I have the SAME things in my closet, different colors, different cuts – but it all is the same.

– Boots
– Leggings
– Flowy tops to hide the mom pooch
– Skinny Jeans / Jeggings
– Ballet Flats
– T-Shirts … a LOT of t-shirts

I try to follow trends when they are not too crazy … I never quite got into the silk MC Hammer pants or point toed boots … but I LOVE me some jeggings … I hope that trend stays for a LONG LONG time!!

I recently purchased a SECOND pair of Frye boots … in two colors … because they are THAT amazing!!! They have been discontinued, so they are hard to find – but that means they are almost ALWAYS on sale when I do find them!!!

The Frye Jane Boot – found here or here (for those who need a little more calf room). 65% off!!! Seriously?? On FRYES!!! Strike while the iron is hot!!

These boots have been my GO TO boot for years!!! I LOVED them when I was pregnant. It gave me a little more of a put-together look, rather than flats would have. It looked like I put in more effort than I really had.

Same goes for now … when I run to Costco or Target on the weekends, adding these boots to leggings and a flowy top, takes me from frumpy to classy, all in a pair of boots!!

For t-shirts, you cannot go wrong with your standard white v-neck. It is just a classic staple that goes with everything, jeans, leggings, even a pencil skirt for the relaxed, business casual look.

Main Image - Madewell 'Whisper' Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee
LOVE this tee in EVERY color. Being UNDER $20, it’s a great option for any wardrobe. You can find it here and here if you want it in color and on SALE!!!

Finally – JEANS … my favorite jean style is a long leg with a wide flare. I am on the shorter side, and something about this leg elongates me … I am pretty sure you if you were to look back into my high school days, you would see me in these jeans as well!!

I LOVE these jeans (wash on cold with a little vinegar and the fading will be minimal), you can find them here or here (if you don’t mind a bargain!!!)

I’m willing to spend a little more on my jeans – just because I wear them CONSTANTLY!! To me, its worth it. If I wear them all the time, and LOVE they way I look in them, I am willing to spend a little more. What about you? Are you willing to spend a little more on jeans, if you love the way you look in them and will wear them all the time?

What are your go-to items to pull your outfits together? A statement necklace or earrings? Where do you find them, I would LOVE some new resources!


I am making the jump!

Wow … so this is how you do it, huh? This is how you start a blog … you just sit down and write. Mind dump, in a sense.

To the public.

Letting everyone know what is going on in life. Do you hate those bloggers – who seem to make it look like everything is perfect, ALL THE TIME?

News Flash: THAT IS NOT ME.

For those of you who know me … a quick recap … for those of you new here, WELCOME to CRAZY TOWN! I live in Gig Harbor, WA with my husband … two girls … dog … cat … and home which is about to be remodeled … I will be covering that later.

These girls and their tutu’s

I was born and raised in Washington State and can think of no finer location to call home. I love where I live – and simultaneously wish I lived somewhere else. Somewhere grander perhaps? No … somewhere that was self-cleaning. I would pretty much live ANYWHERE if it was self-cleaning.

I work full time, which means I wake up at the crack of dawn, get myself and the kids ready – head out the door, come home, and continue to work until my brain and body give way and I fall into bed – UTTERLY exhausted.

I have an amazing husband, who is an awesome dad (he will change a diaper, or dance with our tutu’d toddler at the drop of a hat) and a great sport. He will soon be a topic of a post, or two … or three … and he is aways great to smile his way through it. I married up with that man.

That pretty much sums our little family … and my life … like I said … if you keep reading, you will definitely determine just how nuts I am!! And maybe how nuts my husband was to marry me.

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