Winner, Winner … Chicken Dinner!

Another Friday … another round of Friday confessions.

  • I am OBSESSING over this Maxi Dress clicking this link says it is sold out …. but go to Nordstrom and search Loveappella Maxi Dress … I am not sure why the link does not work … but after seeing how fast it sold out in colors today – I might be adding a few more to my cart (DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND)!! Loveappella Maxi
  • My husband has been getting so upset with me lately, when I am on my phone. I don’t mean to, but I completely zone out when I am on it. It is not that I am not paying attention to the conversation kind of zoning out … but, I have no idea someone is talking to my type of zoning out. On one end it is kind of scary … and on the other I am thinking, “It is like a little mental vacation…” I think some people would be alarmed, but I am kind of proud of myself for this. Is that sad?
  • The UPS man is so familiar with our home … he knows my dog by name AND brings her treats. When dropping off a package the other day, he said to my husband, “You must have ordered this box, it is not from Nordstrom, so I know your wife didn’t order it …” Should I be ashamed that our UPS man knows this much about my buying habits? (Turns out the package was shipped from Tommy Bahama direct, because it WAS an order I placed from Nordstrom – HA!)
  • Finally, I haven’t washed my hair all week. Seriously. The last time I washed it was Saturday. I need more ideas for dirty hair, hairstyles. This hold pony tail/messy bun routine is starting to get old. I am pretty sure my co-workers know that if I should up with my hair in a pony/bun, it is AT LEAST 5 days old dirty hair.

Thank you all for such AMAZING participation in the Giveaway last week. You all are so kind, and I appreciate all of your support and comments. I am hoping this blog will grow, so more giveaways can take place!!

The winner of the Giveaway is … MARTA FLETCHER!! Marta … email me (email address in the contact tab) and so we can work out the delivery!

I hope you all have a great weekend … and what is your vote for a signature at the bottom of every blog?


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