These are my confessions …

Did you read the blog title? Did you sing it to the tune of Ushers, “… these are my confessions. Just when I thought all I could say, all I can say …”  I’ll leave you to finish the song.

In an effort to ensure consistent content, I wanted to start a Friday feature … Friday Confessions.

Let’s get to it… Fridays Confessions. Since you may not know me well yet, I thought I would give you a little insight into just who I am today!

  1. When I vacuum my girls’ room, I don’t pick up all the toys before I do it. Instead, I run the vacuum and move the toys like a bulldozer. Slowly moving them into one pile. DONE – two birds, one stone!
  2. My life is currently held together by dry shampoo and wine. Without either one of those items, I am sure everything will crumble immediately.
  3. I am constantly feeding my toddler some form of chicken nugget: Monday Night: Chicken nugget; Tuesday Night: chicken strips; Wednesday Night: Chicken Sausage in a Bun; Thursday Night: Chicken Nuggets … and repeat.
  4. My husband and I have turned Friday nights into DATE NIGHT. I know what you may be thinking, “oohhh, date night!!!” … no, we take the kids to Costco and do all of our shopping on Friday nights. Costco is empty, the girls are either sleeping or watching a show on our phones, and we are able to have, what seems to be, the longest conversations with rapt attention spans, we have been able to have all week long.
  5. I am always on the hunt for great dry shampoo, that is INCREDIBLY cheap. I have recently been using Suave, and it has been great. But, switched to a combo of Batiste for Blondes and Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo. The Not Your Mothers is STUPID cheap … like … maybe $2 … and the Batiste is a little more than I prefer to spend ($6 …but I will spend more than that at Starbucks sometimes … shows how well I balance my life). I feel the combo of the two bring out the longevity of the Batiste, so I justify it.

I’ll keep today’s post short … I think my long ones force people to lose interest … and that is EXACTLY what I don’t want to lose!! Will you be back to read what I have to say next week? I hope so!!



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2 thoughts on “These are my confessions …

  1. I feel like I could have written your Confessions – except for the Friday night Costco date. Why is your Costco empty? Ours is ALWAYS packed… I would love to go on a date there with my hubs and girls.


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